Discover the principles that guide your Design System

The Design Principles Pyramid is a Canvas to help define the principles of your Design System. It is a free tool for leaders, facilitators and consultants to organize team alignment on where to start when building an efficient and fast Design System.

Who is it for?

Design Managers

If you're going through the challenge of building a Design System, you're probably getting the hang of knowing where to start. The Design Principles Pyramid provides a structured set of topics to achieve an optimal definition of clear principles aligned with all.


If you work on a Dev Team, you may have noticed how important it is to create a shared context and allow everyone to have a guide to make effective design decisions. The Design Principles Pyramid is a tool for designers to align the principles behind their decisions with the team.

Developers and PO's

If you are part of the Dev Team, but you are not a designer. Making the Pyramid Design Principles together with the designers can clarify and align many aspects of the way the design operation and front-end development. In addition to understanding how the team's operational objectives can improve.

How to use Design Principles Canvas?

Talk to Developers, Designers and Stakeholders

Ask everyone what problems they see in relation to design and create groupings of problems under the same theme. Using a method similar to the concept of User Reasearch.

Organize the clusters

Take all the groupings and separate them in the first part of the Canvas, separating by groups that affect the 3 categories: users, builders and stakeholders. A grouping can affect more than one category, you can repeat on the canvas.

Define Principles and Key Metrics

As a team create principles that answer or help in grouping. Start at the bottom of the pyramid and climb up when you are satisfied. Then define metrics that help measure the success of these principles.

Who we are?

Guilherme Gonzalez
Guilherme Gonzalez

Design Lead at Dasa, Specialist in DesignOps and Design System, UX ROI Evangelist, Designer, Researcher, Instructor and Speaker.

Alan Fernandes
Alan Fernandes

Framework DesignOps in Dasa
Digital Solutions Specialist - Front End and UX

Why use Design Principles Pyramid?

Efficient Design System

If we look at a Design System as a product, then we have to look at the user. What happens is that we generally think that the Designer is this user and we forget another user as important as: The Developer. Therefore, the principles of a Design System should be regarded as the objectives of the product, which solve the operational problems between designers and developers.